Dan Elash

Daniel D. Elash

dan elash

Dan is an Episcopalian layman and has a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas.  Trained as a psychologist, he has focused his career on creating value in business organizations, churches, and not-for-profits by developing the intellectual, spiritual, and human capital in individuals, teams, or across the organization as a whole.  Over the past thirty-five years Dan has coached or trained thousands of executives, pastors, leadership teams, managers, and church staffs as well as lay leaders.  He brings deep knowledge of behavioral science and a seasoned perspective on organizational dynamics, and the ability to frame those issues within a faith-based perspective.

He is in the CHC-MidAtlantic region and can be reached at DanE@chchurches.org.



“My time with Dan Elash has been gold.  I began meeting with Dan this February every two weeks to unpack personal and professional challenges.  I am greatly enjoying my time with Dan.  I believe God has gifted him with great wisdom formed through his faith and his past experiences as a clinical psychologist.  His words and questions are leading me to examine my life and ministry with deeper reflection.  During our first sessions, God’s light shined brightly upon my pain, my decisions, and my behavior as a husband, father, and pastor.  As we continue our coaching sessions, my heart is finally adjusting to the light and to the path in front of me.  God is using Dan as an instrument of peace to help me regain hope in ministry and traction for God’s call on my life.  I am eternally grateful to have Dan Elash as a voice and as a coach in my life.”

Pastor Todd Gaston

“During a critical time in my pastorate I asked Dan Elash to coach me for a year.  Dan was a superb coach.  He was insightful, candid, kind, direct and gentle.  His experience in the world of executive coaching helped me to successfully navigate the complexities of a large church and its staff.  I highly recommend Dan as a coach of leaders.”

From a Pastor who was coached by Dan.


“Dan and I Skyped for two years, and Dan was extremely helpful to me in staying emotionally and spiritually healthy as I completed a difficult charge and moved to a new congregation.  I was (and am) deeply grateful for Dan’s psychological savvy, especially when combined with a deep and vibrant personal faith and a solid understanding of Baptist life and polity.  My endorsement is unqualified and enthusiastic!”

Pastor client


“Dan brought keen insight, sound wisdom, practical experience and encouraging strength that facilitated our processing and handling of a very difficult congregational situation. Always Christ-centered in his approach and biblical in his thinking, Dan helped us to pursue health within the home and church as a reflection of the God we serve.”

Former pastoral client


“I have engaged with Dan Elash as a coach for seven years.  During that time, Dan has given me rock-solid guidance that has helped me navigate profound leadership challenges of a start-up organization – in large part by helping me attend to the opportunities and challenges within my own life and family.  He has helped me to understand that “what is most personal is most general” in such a way that I have become a more energetic and focused leader.  I am a “Dan evangelist” and have referred dozens of pastors and other clients to him, and his track record with these friends has been stellar.  I recommend him enthusiastically.”

John Chandler, VBMB