Jim Kitchens

Jim Kitchens

Jim Kitchens

A native of Mississippi, Jim has served Presbyterian churches in California and Tennessee for almost 35 years. He loves helping congregations prayerfully discern how the Spirit calls them to adapt to changing cultural contexts. Jim is the author of The Postmodern Parish published by the Alban Institute.

He is the coordinator of CHC-West and can be reached at JimK@chchurches.org. Read articles by Jim Kitchens.



“As co-pastors, Jim and I walked our congregation through quite a few challenging and dicey issues. We believed our leadership would emerge confident in their decisions and resolve only if they (and we) were open and committed to hearing and following God’s voice. Jim clearly understands the critical distinction between discussion and discernment. He helps groups and individuals prepare for and participate in the deep listening that is necessary in order to truly follow the Spirit wherever it may lead.”

Rev. Mary Lynn Tobin, former Pastor, Davis Community Church, Davis, CA,
currently a leadership coach and consultant


“Rev. Jim Kitchens served as one of a team of two coaches to our church during our revitalization process.   Jim was especially helpful in bringing real world pastoral experience to some of our brainstorming sessions and keeping us “grounded.”  We appreciated his input very much.”

 Revitalization Team
Community Presbyterian Church

“Trinity called on the CHC to help us develop a plan for “right-sizing” our staff. We received a comprehensive report from our CHC Consultant, Jim Kitchens, just two weeks after his face-to-face interviews with our sixteen-person staff. The insights and recommendations (broken down by short, medium, and long term) that Jim offered in his report have proven to be spot on and are yielding the results–lower personnel costs for our congregation and increased efficiency and morale among our staff–that we were seeking and needing.”