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CHC believes that as challenging as the environment of congregational and clergy life is, there are equal opportunities for effective ministry. We believe in the church, it’s mission, and it’s potential. We find hope in the multiple ways congregations and clergy are finding new life and energy in the 21st century. Our driving motivation is to elevate the spiritual, emotional, financial, organizational and physical health of churches and clergy. We do this by helping establish clear vision and focus for the congregation’s future, addressing complex issues, enhancing communication, exploring opportunities for growth, and building strong community.


CHC is devoted to improving the spiritual, emotional and organizational health of churches and ministers. We cultivate hope and health in the spirit of Christ.


Through congregational coaching and consulting, CHC helps churches and clergy experience spiritual discernment and guidance as they seek to be faithful to their call.


The national center for The Center for Healthy Churches is located at Belmont University in Nashville TN.

This unique collaborative partnership enables CHC to have access to excellent resources and facilities, and establishes Belmont as an interested and engaged partner in the health of congregations and clergy across America. In partnership with Belmont’s College of Theology and Christian Ministry, the Moench Center for Church Leadership, and H. Franklin Paschal Chair of Biblical Studies and Preaching, and in collaboration with the Center for Executive Education, CHC seeks to cultivate health and hope for congregations and clergy.

As our relationship takes root and grows, we anticipate a wide array of services and events to emerge.

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