One of the most significant opportunities for enhancing the health of a church comes during a time of transition. Some of the transitions that take place in churches are planned, others are unexpected. Regardless, how a congregation travels into, through and out of a transition is often a key predictor for a healthy future.


garden viewCHC has extensive experience in helping churches and ministers manage transitions in a healthy fashion. A sample of the types of transitions we have helped congregations and ministers manage include:

  • Retirement
  • Resignation and transition to a new job
  • Forced exit of clergy
  • Staff downsizing
  • Staff rightsizing
  • Staff expansion
  • Congregation growth and enlargement
  • Congregation shrinkage and implications
  • Graduation from Divinity School
  • Entry into new position


As an example, one congregation called upon us to work with them when their pastor of 20+ years decided to retire. Working closely with the pastor and a leadership team from the congregation, we navigated a series of key events over several months. These included:

  • Planning the pastor’s departure/retirement
  • Navigating healthy closure events
  • Exploration of interim options
  • Coaching the leadership team through a congregational choice and implementation of an interim option
  • Serving as congregational coach during a self-study process
  • Exploration of healthy methods for choosing a search committee
  • Serving as coach for the pastor search committee through search process
  • Providing guidance and coaching to navigate the call, arrival, installation of new pastor
  • Providing coaching for first year of new pastor’s tenure


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