S.T.E.P.™ into Transition Ministry

After completing S.T.E.P.™ (Strategic Transition Education Program)- the next generation in interim ministry, feel confident in your ability to assess churches in transition and help them move toward a new future.

Trainers: Dr. Keli Rugenstein, Bill Owen, and Bill Wilson

February 4-7, 2019
Wake Forest Baptist Church, near Raleigh, NC
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This training is based on the principles developed by Russell Crabtree in Transition Apparitions: Why Much of What We Know about Pastoral Transitions Is Wrong. Crabtree uses an evidence-based approach that shows a one-size-fits-all approach ignores the uniqueness of each congregation.

Outdated models teach: Only S.T.E.P.™ provides:
·         More theory and less practical.

·         Cookie-cutter approaches.

·         Grief is the primary emotion in all transitions.


·         A practical approach based on systems theory.

·         How to perform systems assessments in any setting.

·         How to address the anxiety that happens in every ministry transition.

·         Follow up coaching for participants.

Cost: $1,500.  Includes twenty-four hours of training and lunch every day.

For more information, download the S.T.E.P. ™ into Transitional Ministry or contact: Bill Owen ( or Joel Snider or ( Click here to register.