Mike Queen

Mike Queen

Dr. Mike Queen

A native of West Virginia, Mike Queen, has served churches in North Carolina the last 36 years. Recently retired after twenty-five years as pastor at First Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC, Mike, along with his colleague Jayne Davis, has founded a ministry of encouragement called Hopeful Imagination to work with traditional churches dedicated to finding God’s way in a changing world. Mike and Bobbie, his wife of 45 years, live in Wilmington and they have continued their ministry by serving as interim pastor in other NC churches.

He is co-coordinator of CHC-Carolinas and can be reached at MikeQ@chchurches.org. Read articles by Mike Queen.


“Mike Queen was invaluable to our process of transition and the pastor search process at First Baptist Church, Greensboro.  He cared enough about us to not only identify our strengths, but also the areas of our ministry that had fallen short or become dysfunctional, and was able to suggest specific ways we could address those weaknesses.  I believe Mike’s work with us led to a much healthier church, ready to embrace positive change, even before our new minister arrived. “

Laura Lomax, Past Chair of Deacons, First Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC


“Through a series of self-reflective congregational meetings and by coaching the Pastor Search Committee, Mike Queen led the congregation of First Baptist Church on 5th St., Winston-Salem to build a strong foundation and put into place an essential framework for a successful and efficient search. We will be forever indebted to him for his important work with us.”

Dr. Mary Foskett, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC


“I had the opportunity to serve as Deacon Chair of my church during a period of transition when our senior minister of thirty plus years retired and our church did not have a clear succession plan.  Mike Queen was a Godsend for our church and congregation during this pivotal time.  He lead us through the various stages of our transitional time; leading congregational meetings to help us reaffirm our mission and helping us articulate our vision of the church we wanted to be.  Mike did this through prayer, building trust and helping manage the churches expectations in regards to the task at hand.  His leadership was both a Godsend and invaluable to our successful journey.

Mike also counseled our Pastoral Search Committee in how to use the information gathered during our congregational meetings and clearly define the traits and tenets our church needed in a new spiritual leader.

Mike’s experience and leadership during this was invaluable.  His style of helping us think and pray through the process without injecting his personal opinions is a testament to his knowledge and experience in such matters.

I would recommend Mike Queen to any church going through a transitional time. This experience has truly reaffirmed that God’s timing is perfect in all things.”

Wally Cox, Chair of Deacons, First Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC