Doug Haney

Doug Haney

Doug HaneyDoug Haney has served as Minister of Music at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas TX since 2004. He previously served at Providence Baptist in Charlotte NC and churches in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. At Wilshire, he directs the choral program and supervises the church-wide music ministry, with major responsibilities for worship. Wilshire’s 90-voice Sanctuary Choir and 60-voice Youth Choir are renowned for their quality and innovative approach to traditional worship. He can be reached at

Haney will coordinate a new service from CHC for churches seeking to infuse vitality, quality and vision into their worship and music ministry. The work will allow congregations to assess their current ministry and envision ways to enhance quality and foster innovation and relevance.


“The addition of Doug Haney means CHC is ready to offer churches high-quality analysis, assessment and direction for worship at a very reasonable rate. Doug is the perfect person to get us started in this important effort. He is extremely gifted and widely known in ecumenical circles. One of the things I appreciate most about Doug is his deep love for the church and for vibrant and meaningful worship.”

Bill Wilson, CHC Director