Thoughtful and challenging help for organizations – CHC offers assistance to organizations seeking a hopeful path into a challenging future.


Organizations find that the insights and guidance from Center consultants are honest and born in the trenches of real life. Maximizing the involvement of stakeholders, organizations can bring new life and energy to bear upon their future.

Through our consulting services, we enable you to identify core strengths and shared successes. Projecting those powerful traits into the future yields a dynamic and compelling future vision. Implementing that new vision and creating a new reality becomes an exercise in faith that produces energy and passion.

  • Generate a clear mission and vision and devise a plan that leads to a new reality.
  • Innovate with staff and structures to more fully align with your mission and vision.
  • Create an implementation plan that produces results.
  • Help create a healthy leadership culture.
  • Build into your organization the ability to respond quickly to opportunities as they arise.