While CHC has a national footprint, we are also able to work regionally and locally. This helps keep costs down and enables many more churches and clergy to access our services. By creating regional centers, we reduce travel and time constraints. In addition, we provide training and educational opportunities that are easily accessible to many more people.


Jayne Davis

Jayne-DavisJayne Davis has served as the Minister of Spiritual Formation at First Baptist Church, Wilmington, NC since 2001. Prior to going into ministry, she was the Executive Director of a non-profit organization and worked as a strategic planning consultant for early childhood initiatives. Jayne is a certified coach, working with both individuals and churches, and is a part of the CBFNC coaching network. She is also a partner in Hopeful Imagination, a ministry encouraging and supporting churches as they seek God’s direction in a changing world. Read more about Jayne Davis. She can be reached at JayneD@chchurches.org.


Mike Queen

QUEEN-MICHAEL-184A native of West Virginia, Mike Queen, has served churches in North Carolina the last 36 years. Recently retired after twenty-five years as pastor at First Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC, Mike, along with his colleague Jayne Davis, has founded a ministry of encouragement called Hopeful Imagination to work with traditional churches dedicated to finding God’s way in a changing world. Mike and Bobbie, his wife of 45 years, live in Wilmington and they have continued their ministry by serving as interim pastor in other NC churches. Read more about Mike Queen. He can be reached at MikeQ@chchurches.org.


Local Consultants and Coaches

The following consultants and coaches live in the Carolinas region. Learn more about each of them and find their contact information by clicking on their name.

Natalie Aho
Jayne Davis
Mike Queen
Guy Sayles
Steve Scoggin
Chris Aho
Terri Springer

More Information

SERVICES – The Center for Healthy Churches provides help and hope for congregations and clergy through a wide array of ministries. Everyone who works with CHC is currently serving in a congregation or is a recent veteran of a local church or organizational ministry. CHC coaches and consultants combine vast experience, proven track records, and an awareness of the larger issues facing the church in the 21st century enables to bring a non-naïve and deeply spiritual approach to our clients. Read more about our services.

ENDORSEMENTS – Our consultants and coaches come with great recommendations. In addition to endorsements provided with their personal bios, read further testimonials about churches and individuals who have worked with CHC.

ABOUT US – CHC believes that as challenging as the environment of congregational and clergy life is, there are equal opportunities for effective ministry. We believe in the church, it’s mission, and it’s potential. We find hope in the multiple ways congregations and clergy are finding new life and energy in the 21st century. Our driving motivation is to elevate the spiritual, emotional, financial, organizational and physical health of churches and clergy. We do this by helping establish clear vision and focus for the congregation’s future, addressing complex issues, enhancing communication, exploring opportunities for growth, and building strong community. Learn more about us.

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