Webinar: Being the Church in the Midst of the Crisis

In response to the growing challenges facing Christians and Churches due to the coronavirus pandemic, a collaboration of organizations that focus on church health is working together to offer practical content to help congregations be the Church in the midst of crisis.  The Center for Healthy Churches, The Church Network, The Presbyterian Foundation, Baptist News GlobalTruett Seminary, Pneumatrix, Uptick, Ministering to MinistersGardner-Webb University, and the Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership at Belmont University will together begin offering a weekly webinar that will help equip ministers and the congregations they lead and serve to respond to this crisis.

WHEN:                Thursday 11 AM EST (approximately 40 minutes).

WHERE:              Zoom (https://zoom.us/j/9797655080)

PANELISTS:        Leadership: Content Experts for each webinar

AUDIENCE:        Ministers in local congregations

WHAT:                Content will be focused on meeting the practical needs of congregations facing our current challenges.  Topics will include pastoral care in crisis, worship and social distancing, discipleship and social distancing, benevolence ministry and social distancing, re-organizing in crisis, church finances in crisis, etc.

COST:                  Free

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Time:              Thursday, January 21st, 11am EST/10 CST
Zoom Link:     https://zoom.us/j/9797655080


1. Katy Stenta is the pastor of New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albany, NY. She has helped her small congregation partner with and incubate a number of communities and open their facilities to the surrounding neighborhood. A few of their ministries include Trail Praisers, an inclusive worship service for families with special needs children, a farmer’s market, a neighborhood association, and several nesting congregations. Katy blogs at katyandtheword.com.

2. Jake Hall is the pastor of Highland Hills Baptist Church in Macon, GA.  He has led HHBC to creatively engage in the music life of Macon GA in an array of innovative ways. Radio shows that explore the deeper messages of Southern music, Sunday night hymn songs at a popular tavern, and a growing presence in the arts community have energized the church and its connection with previously ignored groups.

3. Marvin Cameron is the pastor at FBC Kingsport TN.  Several years ago FBCK purchased adjacent commercial property with a dream of addressing health care inequalities in their region. The result has been The Providence Health Clinic, one of the largest congregation-based health clinics in the United States. Spawning a host of other services, the endeavor has made great strides in addressing physical, spiritual, and emotional health needs in the region.  https://www.fbckpt.org/outreach 

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